A Review of Technology Related Services in Creating Value Proposition for LRT Operator

Journal of Advanced Research Design
Volume 64, No. 1, January 2020, Pages 1-8

Fazarizul Hashidi Muhamad Pauzi1,*, Mohd Yusof Md Daud1, Ahmad Yusri Mohamed1

1 Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, UTM Kuala Lumpur, Level 7, Razak Tower, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, 54100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
*Corresponding author: fazarizul.hashidi@gmail.com


Light Rail Transit; Technology Services; Right of Way; Ancillary Revenue; Value Proposition


One of the main components in the business model canvas is a value proposition. To create an effective value proposition in the business model canvas can be the main challenges for businesses in emerging markets. A thorough review of value proposition theoretical concepts from the literature and how technology services influence the value proposition that contributes a beneficial impact to the LRT operator was discussed in this paper. This paper offers an important insight into the contribution of better understanding the role of technology-related services in the value proposition for ensuring the LRT operator can sustain and stay competitive in the current digital economy.


Fazarizul Hashidi, Muhamad Pauzi, et al. “A Review of Technology Related Services in Creating Value Proposition for LRT Operator.” Journal of Advanced Research Design 64.1 (2020): 1-8.

Fazarizul Hashidi, M. P., Mohd Yusof. M. D., & Ahmad Yusri, M.(2020). A Review of Technology Related Services in Creating Value Proposition for LRT Operator. Journal of Advanced Research Design, 64(1), 1-8.

Fazarizul Hashidi Muhamad Pauzi, Mohd Yusof Md Daud and Ahmad Yusri Mohamed.”A Review of Technology Related Services in Creating Value Proposition for LRT Operator.” Journal of Advanced Research Design. 64, no. 1 (2020): 1-8.

Fazarizul Hashidi, M.P., Mohd Yusof. M.D., and Ahmad Yusri, M., 2020. A Review of Technology Related Services in Creating Value Proposition for LRT Operator. Journal of Advanced Research Design 64(1), pp. 1-8.

Fazarizul Hashidi MP, Mohd Yusof MD, Ahmad Yusri M. A Review of Technology Related Services in Creating Value Proposition for LRT Operator. Journal of Advanced Research Design. 2020;64(1): 1-8.


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