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Aims and Scope : Journal of Advanced Research in Social and Behavioural Sciences is a peer-reviewed international journal, collects original contributions in all major area of social and behavioural sciences. The journal accepts all type of articles such as research articles, case reports, review, commentary and short communications etc., behavioral sciences include psychology, psychobiology, criminology and cognitive science, etc.

Recent Articles

Volume 13, No. 1 (December, 2018)

Benefits and Barriers of Physical Activities among Technical University Students
Mohd Firdaus Abdullah, Mohamad Nizam Nazarudin, Rosli Saadan, Wan Ahmad Munsif Wan Pa, Mohd Radzani Abdul Razak
Page 1 – 8




Volume 1 - Volume 5Volume 6 - Volume 10Volume 11 - Volume 15
Volume 1, No. 1 (December, 2015)
The Relationship between Teaching Supervision with Teachers’ Motivation in Secondary Schools
A. K. Ariffin, A. R. Idris and Z. Abdullah
Page 1 – 11

English Language Teachers’ Perceived Difficulty of English Skills Faced by ESL Learners
F. Mohamad Nor, M. H. Mazlan and A. Rajab
Page 12 – 18

Assessment of Patient Safety Culture in Malaysia Hospital Using Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (HSOPSC) Survey
L. H. Ismail and J. Yunus
Page 19 – 31

Accounting Students Perception on Online Homework Software (OHS)
H. Muhamad, M. N. Hisham Osman, H. Mustafa, A. R. Abdul Razak
Page 32 – 42

The Effect of Work-Family Conflict and Work-Family Enrichment on the Affective Organizational Commitment among Faculty Clerical Staff in UTM Skudai
R. A. Hamid and U. N. Ungku Ahmad
Page 43 – 59

Antecedents of Knowledge Sharing Behavior among Nurses
A. Abdul Mannan, R. Shaari and N. Bakri
Page 60 – 72

Volume 2, No. 1 (March, 2016)
Rhetoric Value Based Model for Malaysian Special Vocational Education Secondary Schools’ Teachers
M. F. Lee, and C. S. Lai
Page 1 – 6

A Measurement of Family Well-Being in Malaysian Adolescent: Demographic Differences
M. A. R. Abu Rahim
Page 7 – 23

Adopting Factors of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at the Selected Private Higher Learning Institution in Malaysia
J. Vejayon, G. N. Samy, N. Maarop, N. Megat, B. Shanmugam and P. Magalingam
Page 24 – 32

The Effect of Personal Factors on Creativity among Research Officers in Malaysia
S. A. Panatik, M. F. Katimin and R. Shaari
Page 33 – 48

Technology Ethics Attributes in Handling Confidential Information for the Armed Forces
N. A. Zakaria and Z. Ismail
Page 49 – 74

Residents’ Contribution towards Improving Physical Quality of Neighborhood Open Spaces in Multi-cultural Community of Nigeria
O.P. Agboola, M.H.Rasidi and I. Said
Page 75 – 92

Determining the Relationship of Tourist Satisfaction and Loyalty
M. Somaskanthan and A. R. Rosmalina
Page 93 – 101

Impact of Gombe State University’s Leadership Style on Employees Performance (2004-2013)
H. S. Hassan, and B. A. Umar
Page 102 – 113

Volume 3, No. 1 (June, 2016)
Tourist Satisfaction in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
M. Somaskanthan, and A.R. Rosmalina
Page 1 – 12

Greening Economy and Governance in Malaysia
M. R. Mohd Yaakop
Page 13 – 19

Impact of Capital Investment on Working Capital Management
Y. Vaicondam, M. A. Anuar, and S. Ramakrishnan
Page 20 – 33

Capital Structure and Performance of Malaysia Plantation Sector
S. L. Tan, and N. I. N A. Hamid
Page 34 – 45

The Role of Teacher Training Institutions in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Nigeria
Idris Adamu
Page 46 – 51

Empirical Evidence on the SMEs Risks Framework in Malaysia
N. Ismail, A. A. Othman, N. L. Mohamed Yousop, and Z. Ahmad
Page 52 – 62

A Study on the Mediating Effect of Work-Family Conflict on Locus of Control and Job Satisfaction among Paramedical Staff
B. Vasavi, J. Katyayani, and B. Sudhir
Page 63 – 71

Comparison of Depression between Remanded and Sentenced Inmates
S. D. Mariamdaran
Page 72 – 78

Kesediaan Guru Pendidikan Islam Sekolah Rendah di Selangor terhadap Penerapan KBAT dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran
Readiness of Islamic Education Teacher in Selangor’s Primary School in the Implementation of KBAT in Teaching and Learning
W. A. Wan Ismail, M. I. Hamzah and M. A. Lubis
Page 79 – 92

Price to Earnings Multiple and Stock Selection: Evidence from Malaysian Listed Firms
I. Shittu, A. Masud and Y. M. Alkali
Page 93 – 100

International Support for Domestic Election Monitoring Organizations in Indonesia
M. R. Yaakop and A. Virgianita
Page 101 – 108

The Effect of Direct Corrective Feedback on the Correct Usage of the Preposition of Time
G. Jusa and K. C. Hei
Page 109 – 122

The Creativity of Malaysian Netizens in using Curse Words
M. K. David, H. Kuang and N. Tayyebian
Page 123 – 136

Volume 3, No. 2 (June, 2016)
Parents’ Perception on the Use of Augmented Reality Educational Mobile Application for Early Childhood Education
M. S. N. Shaharom and M. A. Abdul Halim
Page 137 – 146

The Leadership Styles of Women Policy-Makers
S. M. Baqutayan and F. Raji
Page 147 – 151

Pemilihan Bidang Pendidikan bagi Murid Berkeperluan Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran
Education Choice among Student with Learning Disabilities
R. Ibrahim, M. H. M. Yasin and N. Abdullah
Page 152 – 161

The Impact of Social Support on Clients with High Cancer Anxiety
S. M. Baqutayan
Page 162 – 170

Volume 4, No. 1 (September, 2016)
Reflection on the Significance and Contextuality of Traditional Muslim Methodology
Z. Mohamed
Page 1 – 6

Socio-Demographic and Perpetrators Experience in Committing Crime: A Descriptive Study on Male Young Offenders Undergoing Community Service Order
N. S. Tharshini, F. Ibrahim, M. S. Mohamad and E. Zakaria
Page 7 – 18

Hubungan Tentera Dan Masyarakat: Pandangan Rakyat Terhadap Peranan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia
Military and Community Relations: People’s view on the role of the Armed Forces
B. Jalal
Page 19 – 30

Deputy Principals’ Self-Efficacy in Dealing with Bullying in Malaysian Secondary Schools
J. C. Lee, A. A. Nik and N. Syawal
Page 31 – 42

Profiles of Domestic Violence Victims and Perpetrators: A Qualitative Research Perspective
M. Abdul Ghani, N.A. Ahmad and A. Mohamad
Page 43 – 50

Saranan Untuk Industri Perfileman Malaysia Ke Arah Transformasi Persepsi Penonton Berdasarkan Kajian Kes di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Recommendations for Malaysia’s Film Industry Towards Transformation of Audience Perceptions Based on A Case Study in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
H. Diana, A. Noraini, H. J. Zainodin and S. Suhaimi
Page 51 – 63

Universality of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ideological Art: A Comparative Study
S. Salah and Y. Jusoh@Yusoff
Page 64 – 72

A Pre-Evaluation Step towards a Guaranteed Consistent AHP-Based Pairwise Comparison
E. M. Nazri, M. Balhuwaisl and M. M. Kasim
Page 73 – 80

Waste Management: Desa Ilmu, Kota Samarahan District Council, Sarawak, Malaysia
S. Mohamed and S. Mohamed
Page 81 – 89

The Relationship between HRM Strategies and Intention to Stay
J. W. Liew, R. H. Abdull Rahman, S. Abdul Patah and A. A. Abdul Rahman
Page 90 – 98

The Effect of Explicit Vocabulary Application (EVA) on Students’ Achievement and Acceptance in Learning Explicit English Vocabulary
Z. Zakaria, A. N. Che Pee Che Hanapi, M. H. Zakaria and I. Ahmad
Page 99 – 109

Volume 4, No. 2 (September, 2016)
Linguistic Competence of Malaysian Medical Students in the United Kingdom from the Context of the Organic Grammar Framework
T. H. Su and M. Sarbini-Zin
Page 110 – 124

Efikasi Kendiri dan Strategi Pembangunan Kerjaya Kakitangan Sokongan
Self-Efficacy and Career Development Strategy for Support Staff
S. R. F. Tasriff, R. H. Abdull Rahman, A. A. Abdul Rahman and S. Abdul Patah
Page 125 – 135

Indigenous Knowledge of Medicinal Plants Used and its Implication towards Health-Seeking Behavior among the Melanau in Pulau Bruit, Sarawak, Malaysia
D. H. A. Kassim, S. Z. Raduan, M. W. H. Abdul Aziz, A. Chelum, A. A. M. Morni and R. A. Wahab
Page 136 – 145

Reliability and Validity of the Objective Structured Clinical Assessment (OSCA) in Undergraduate Nursing Program
M. S. Nurumal, K. T. Aung and S. Ismail
Page 146 – 151

Examining the Pattern of UUM Students’ Intention to Enroll in MBA Programs
Y. Sulaiman and D. A. Rahman
Page 152 – 161

Investigating the Factors Influence Online Buying Behavior: A Study among UUM Postgraduate Students
Y. Sulaiman and S. Abdullah
Page 162 – 169

Antecedents of Training Transfer
R. Shaari, A. Rajab, N.A. Acho
Page 170 – 176

Volume 5, No. 1 (December, 2016)
Board Size, Board Meetings, and Environmental Reporting among Environmentally Sensitive Industries in Nigeria
N. Yunusa, R. Mohamed, N.C. Adam
Page 1 – 11

Perceptions on Differences of Customer Services between Public Universities (UAs) and Private Higher Education Institutions (IPTSs) in Klang Valley, Malaysia
M. Abdul, A. A. Rahman, B. A. Bularafa, T. K. Wah, M. M. Rahman
Page 12 – 24

Mengkaji Pentaksiran Pengaturcaraan Komputer Berdasarkan Penyelesaian Masalah Kreatif Menggunakan Pendekatan “Grounded Theory”
Assessment Study Computer Programming Based on Creative Problem-solving Approach of “Grounded Theory”
N. Talib, S. F. M. Yassin, M. K. M. Nasir
Page 25 – 38

Perbezaan Kemahiran Pemikiran Kritikal Mahasiswa/Mahasiswi yang Menyertai Ekspedisi Pendakian Differences in Critical Thinking Skills among University Students who Joined Mountaineering Expeditions
Munauwar Mustafa, Mohd Azril Ismail, Shahrizal Badlishah
Page 39 – 46

A Product Evaluation of an Alternative Education Programme for Undocumented Children in Sabah
Chiam Sun May, Vincent Pang, Rose Patsy Tibok, Crispina Gregory K Han, Yoon Sook Jhee, Wirawati Ngui Yi Xe
Page 47 – 55

Rational Factors in the Spiritual Journey of Embracing Islam
Suraya Sintang, Khadijah Binti Mohd Khambali @ Hambali
Page 56 – 67

The Socio-economic Perspective on the Challenges of ICT Development on Education in Malaysia: The 1BestariNet Case Study
Shadiya Mohamed Saleh Baqutayan, Abdul Muhaimin bin Zamri Mohamed, Dayang Nafisah, Norihan Abu Hassan
Page 68 – 73

Impact of Information and Communication Overload Syndrome (I& COS) on Performance of Academicians of Universiti Utara Malaysia
Saralah Devi Mariamdaran
Page 74 – 82

Volume 6, No. 1 (March, 2017)
Impact of Religiosity on Depression among Elderly People of Punjab, Pakistan
Fatima Khurram Bukhari, Zarina Mat Saad, Yahaya Mahamood
Page 1 – 6

Passengers Perception on Safety Level of Ferry Transport: A Case Study in Labuan island, Malaysia
Raduan Serap, Dayang Rabiah Awg Jabai, Assis Kamu, Diana Hassan, Nor Mariah Adam
Page 7 – 17

Semantic Network Analysis of Bilingual Students Arabic/French and Monolingual French Students
Ali Sassane
Page 18 – 30

Keprihatinan Guru Terhadap Pendekatan Belajar Melalui Bermain dalam Pengajaran Bahasa Malaysia Berdasarkan Model Penerimaan Berasaskan Keprihatinan
Teacher Concern about Learning Through Play Approach in Teaching Malay Language Based on Adoption Model
Roselita Ali @ Yusof, Jamaludin Badusah, Aliza Alias, Roshdi Said
Page 31 – 40

Strategi Kognitif dalam Pembelajaran Kosa Kata Bahasa Arab
Cognitive Strategy on Arabic Vocabulary Learning
Nur Fadilah Abdul Basit, Isa Hamzah, Harun Baharudin
Page 41 – 51

Malaysian Tertiary Level Students and Their Understanding, Knowledge and Perception of Nanotechnology
Md. Ershadul Karim, Shafia Akhter, Abu Bakar Munir, Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki, Kazi Enamul Hoque, Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin, Siti Sarah Abu-Bakar, Siti Hawa Abu-Bakar, Nurul Aini Bani, Asan Vernyuy Wirba, Abdullahi Abubakar Mas’ud
Page 52 – 67

Syariah Regional Regulations in Aceh and Banjar Indonesia: An Aspect of Religious Freedom
Rusniah Ahmad, Zainal Fikri, Rohizan Halim
Page 68 – 80

Netspeak Features in Facebook Communication of Malaysian University Students
Dean Yeo, Su-Hie Ting
Page 81 – 90

Persepsi Masyarakat Terhadap Pengkid di Malaysia
Public Perception of Pengkid in Malaysia
Adibah Abdul Rahim, Mariam Adawiah Dzulkifli, Rohaiza Rokis
Page 91 – 104

Volume 6, No. 2 (March, 2017)
Death: Is That the End?
Nwanesi Peter Karubi, EthelDiana Lynn Andotion
Page 105 – 118

Transformasi Pekan Parit Raja Impak Terhadap Landskap Sosioekonomi dan Kesejahteraan Hidup Masyarakat
Transformations at Pekan Parit Raja Impact Towards Socio Economic Landcape and Community to Quality of Life
Haryati Shafii, Nursyikin Miskam
Page 119 – 133

The Impact of Advertising on Consumer’s Buying Behavior among Undergraduate Students in Universiti Utara Malaysia
Yaty Sulaiman, Yuhalis Abdul Hadi
Page 134 – 145

Impact of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Tourism Industry
Faisal Khan, Rosman Md Yusoff, Palwasha Kakar
Page 146 – 155

Volume 7, No. 1 (June, 2017)
Pelaksanaan Amalan Pengajaran Guru Pendidikan Islam Sekolah Menerusi Kaedah Penyoalan Berdasarkan Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT)
Implementation of the Practice of Teaching Islamic Education Schools through Questioning Methods Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Mohd Syaubari Othman, Ahmad Yunus Kassim
Page 1 – 9

Accident Rate Manufacturing Plant: A Case Study at the Pulp and Paper Industry in East Coast Malaysia
Ahmad Salleh, Roslina Mohammad, Hayati@Habibah Abdul Talib
Page 10 – 19

A study of Consumption Patterns on Green Food among Students in Universiti Utara Malaysia
Yaty Sulaiman, Hazirah Mohamad Janai
Page 20 – 32

The Impact of Marketing Mix on Consumer Preference Towards Supplement Product
Yaty Sulaiman, Maisarah Masri
Page 33 – 41

Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Peranan Pengetua dalam Meningkatkan Amalan Membaca Menerusi Program NILAM
Factors that Influence the Role of Principals in Improving Reading Habits through the NILAM Programme

Zuridah Hanim Md. Akhir, Mohd. Hasani Dali, Khaliza Saidin
Page 42 – 58

Perception of Media in Reporting Suicide Cases in Malaysia
Mohamad Afiq Johari, Mohammad Zaki Mohamad Shukri, Muhammad Aizzat Syafiq Abd Karim, Mohammad Hazarul Hakim Ismail, Ahmad Khusyairi Khazali, Aiman Ashraf Nasarudin, Mohamad Asraf Mohd Rahimi, Muhammad Akmal ‘Imi, Muhammad Hafiz Mohamad, Salmi Razali
Page 59 – 67

A Preliminary Perception Study among Youths on Road Traffic Accidents and Domino Theory
Lim Chee Chee
Page 68 – 76

Student Satisfaction to Service Quality of University’s Sports Centre: A Factor Analysis Approach
Masnita Misiran, Zahayu Md Yusof, Adyda Ibrahim, Chong Siow Hui, Nur Fatiha Baharin, Hairani Hamid
Page 77 – 82

A Synthesised Literature Review on Organisational Culture and Corporate Performance
Adedeji Babatunji Samuel, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Idris Khairuddin, Mohammad Jamal Uddin, Md Saidur Rahaman
Page 83 – 95

The Relationship between Learning Environment and Psychological Characteristics in Higher Education
Mohd Azry Abdul Malik, Mazlini Adnan, Norafefah Mohamad Sobri, Amri Abdul Rahman, Jasrul Nizam Ghazali
Page 96 – 117

Volume 8, No. 1 (September, 2017)
The Linkage between Human Resource Development Intervention and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Overview and Research Agenda
Puvaneswari Paramasivam, Roziana Shaari
Page 1 – 7

Impact of Compensation and Benefits on Executives’ Performance: A Study in Malaysian Manufacturing Industry
Bokhori Md Amin, Abdul Halim Abdul Majid
Page 8 – 15

A Study Relationship Work Environment and Employee Performance on Manufacturing Sector in Penang, Malaysia
Bokhori Md Amin, Abdul Halim Abdul Majid
Page 16 – 22

Transformation from Cooperative to a Bank: An Analysis of Koperasi Tentera in Malaysia
Selamah Maamor, Mohd Saifoul Zamzuri Noor, Fauzi Hussin, Husin Abdullah, Norehan Abdullah
Page 23 – 34

Ketegasan Syeikh Abd. Al-Qadir Al-Mandili di atas Prinsip Agama: Kajian Kitab ‘Perisai bagi Sekalian Mukallaf’
The Firmness of Syeikh Abd. Al-Qadir Al-Mandili in Islamic Principle: A Study in ‘Perisai bagi Sekalian Mukallaf’

Hazman Hassan, Muhammad Ihsan Idris
Page 35 – 45

Wali Allah, antara Fakta dan Mitos: Satu Kajian Menurut Syeikh Abd. Al-Qadir Al-Mandili
Saint of Allah, Fact or Myth: A Study According to Syeikh Abd. Al-Qadir Al-Mandili

Hazman Hassan, Muhammad Ihsan Idris
Page 46 – 55

What Are You?
Nwanesi Peter Karubi
Page 56 – 66

Preliminary Review of Implementation Mentoring Program among Students in Public University in Kota Kinabalu
Jusiah Idang, Melissa Edora Sanu, Mohd. Sobri Ismail
Page 67 – 76

Students’ Perception on Disciplinary Measures in Public Secondary Schools in Kedah, Malaysia: A Case Study
Lee Jun Choi, Mohan a/l Rathakrishnan, Abdul Halim Mohamed, Mua’zam Mohamad
Page 77 – 88

Community Experiences at the Aftermath of Flood Disaster Based on Cultural Context
Mohd Said Nurumal, Khin Thandar Aung, Nurul Syamimi Md Yusoff
Page 89 – 96

Tahap Pengetahun, Pemahaman, Kemahiran dan Pelaksaanaan Guru Sains Terhadap Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT)
Level of Knowledge, Understanding, Skills and Performance of Science Teachers on Higher Order Thinking Skills

Mohamad Zaidir Zainal Abidin, Kamisah Osman
Page 97 – 113

Kajian Awal Konsep Kolej Kediaman Lestari: Keselesaan Bilik Penghuni di Kolej Kediaman Universiti Awam Malaysia
A Preliminary Study of the Concept of Sustainable Residential College: The cComfort of the Resident Room at a Residential College of Malaysian Public University

Mohd Reduan Buyung, Haryati Shafii
Page 114 – 126

Volume 9, No. 1 (December, 2017)
A Contextual Teaching and Learning Experience through Insects Species Collection Program
Chiam Sun May
Page 1 – 13

Are Malaysians Ready for Comprehensive Sexuality Education?
Salmi Razali, Nur Alia Farhana Ramli, Siti Syairah Hanafia, Nurul Nadiah Abd Rahman, Kartini Noor Md, Muhammad Akmal Mat Rani, Mohamad Azwan Hassan, Amir Firdaus Ariffin
Page 14 – 28

Medical and Nursing Students’ Knowledge of Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement Procedure in University Malaysia Sarawak
Khin Cho Aung, Mar Mar Lwin, Khin Than Yee, Wai Wai Myint
Page 29 – 36

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Ar-rahn’s Customer Profile in Malaysia
Azila Abdul Razak, Fidlizan Muhammad, Mohd Yahya Mohd Hussin, Fatimah Salwa Abd Hadi, Nurhanie Mahjom, Zuraidah Zainol
Page 37 – 45

A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Mixed Method Research: A Malaysian Perspective
Ahmad Tarmizi Abdul Rahman, Romzi Ationg, Nurul Ain Zulhaimi
Page 46 – 56

Perspectives on Gendered Education Development in Nigeria: Evidence from Yobe State, Nigeria, 2009-2015
Ali Ibrahim Abbas, Hadiza Mali Bukar
Page 57 – 74

Do Young Malaysian Drivers Involve in Speeding Behaviour: An Investigation at Selected Accident Hotspots in Peninsular Malaysia
Farah Fazlinda Mohamad, Jamilah Mohamad, Ahmad Saifizul Abdullah
Page 75 – 83

Alternative Education for Undocumented Children: An Input Evaluation
Wirawati Ngui Yi Xe, Vincent Pang, Chiam Sun May, Rose Patsy Tibok, Crispina Gregory K Han
Page 84 – 101

Blogging and Citizenship: The Malaysian Experience
Shafizan Mohamed
Page 102 – 114

Volume 10, No. 1 (March, 2018)
Effects of Work-Family Conflict on Job Satisfaction of Academicians in Private Universities in Bangladesh: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach
Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, Mohani Abdul, Zuraina Dato’ Mansor, Noor Azman Ali, Adedeji Babatunji Samuel, Mohammad Jamal Uddin, Ibrahim Aishatu Ogiri, Md. Saidur Rahaman
Page 1 – 8

A Shariah-Compliant Airport Framework from the Perspective of Passengers at KL International Airport
Roslina Sailan, Abd Rahman Abdul Rahim
Page 9 – 24

Problems of access to meaning in the foreign language among Malaysians students
Ali Sassane
Page 25 – 32

Leadership Framework Intensifies Innovation Culture in an Organization
Shadiya Mohamed Baqutayan, Norhashima Jamaluddin, Hazizi Omar, Dania Hashmi Parvez
Page 33 – 49

Pengetahuan Pelajar Aliran Agama dalam Menerapkan Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT) Terhadap Istilah Berkaitan Fiqh dan Usul Fiqh: Satu Kajian Awal
A preliminary study of the knowledge of religious school students in applying High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) on terms related to fiqh and usul fiqh

Siti Fatimah Kasmuri, Nurul Ilyana Muhd Adnan, Siti Nur Hidayah Abdullah
Page 50 – 65

Conceptual Study of the Efforts to against of Pedofilia Behavior through the Development of Marketing Learning Material Education in Elementary School in Medan City
Page 66 – 73

Predicting Service-Oriented Citizenship Behaviour among Frontlines with Personal Resources Work Engagement: A Proposed Research Framework
Choo Ling Suan, Chandrakantan Subramaniam, Norsiah Mat
Page 74 – 79

Keberkesanan Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi Pelajar dalam Matematik melalui Kaedah Pembelajaran Luar Bilik Darjah
The Effectiveness of High Level Thinking Skills Students in Mathematics through the Methods of Learning Outside the Classroom

Mohammad Firros Rosool Gani
Page 80 – 90

Keluarga B40: Tekanan dan Kekuatan
B40 Family: Stress and Strength

Zarinah Arshat, Farah Syuhada Pai, Zanariah Ismail
Page 91 – 102

Volume 11, No. 1 (June, 2018)
Pelaksanaan Program Amali Solat dalam Perkara Asas Fardu Ain (PAFA) dalam Kalangan Pelajar Tingkatan Dua
The Implementation of Practical Prayer (Solat) Program in Perkara Asas Fardhu Ain (PAFA) Among Form Two Student
Ruhaida Abdullah, Nurul Ilyana Muhd Adnan
Page 1 – 16

The Influence of Psychosocial Learning Environment on HOTS in Statistic Education
Mohd Azry Abdul Malik, Mazlini Adnan
Page 17 – 33

Transformasi ke Arah Konsep Kolej Kediaman Lestari di Universiti Awam Malaysia
Transformation to the Sustainable Living College Concept at Public University Malaysia
Mohd Reduan Buyung, Haryati Shafii, Noor Ain Yusoff
Page 34 – 49

The Multi Facets Meaning of Competence among Muslim Professionals in Malaysia
Mohd Shah Kassim, Norhalimah Idris, Azli Yahya, Norzafir Md. Salleh, Siti Zaleha Omain, Ruzita Selamat
Page 50 – 61

User Requirement Analysis: Online Thalassemia Management System for Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Malaysia
Muhammad Nabil Mohd Warid, Eko Supriyanto, Azli Yahya, Parveen Bal, Jasmy Yunus, Mohd Nizam Mat Bah, Ngim Chin Fang
Page 62 – 67

Impact of Attachment Styles on Social Isolation and Impulsiveness among Patients with Gender Dysphoria
Sumaya Batool, Sheharyar Ahmad
Page 68 – 74

Leaders’ Animosity and Leaders’ Enviousness: An Analysis on Factor Associated with the Growing Tense Ethnic Relations in Sabah, Malaysia
Romzi Ationg, Nurul Ain Zulhaimi, M. Azri Ibrahim, Jamsari Hashim
Page 75 – 81

Faktor-Faktor Kejayaan Usahawan Ikon Majlis Agama Islam Melaka (MAIM)
Success Factors of Majlis Agama Islam Melaka (MAIM) Icon Entrepreneur
Zuriyati Yaakub, Nurul Ilyana Muhd Adnan
Page 82 – 93

A Comprehensive Literature Review of Impulse Buying Behavior
Javeria Zulfiqar, Gulfam Ambreen, Mazia Fateen Bushra
Page 94 – 104

Multidisciplinary Medical Team Development among Medical Students through Role Assignment during Simulation Based Teaching Scenarios; A Randomized, Single Blind Study
Afshan H. Khattak, Fatima Noor, Muhammad Sami Khan, Jalwa Javed Farooqui, Muhmmad Mamoon Ali, Murtaza Rahman Khan, Muhammad Mustafa Ikram
Page 105 – 114

Impact of Simulation Based “Death Scenarios” in Teaching Undergraduate Medical Students about Multidisciplinary Team Function in Patient Care
Afshan H. Khattak, Iftikhar Qayyum, Murtaza R. Khan, Haleema Kamila, Muhammad Sami Khan, Mustafa Ikram, Mamoon Khan, Saad Irfan
Page 115 – 123

Demonstration of Ability to Teach and Assess Life Saving Skills by First Year Medical and Dental Students Using Peyton’s Four Steps; A Randomized, Single Blind, Controlled Educational Trial in Skills’ Lab
Afshan Hussain Khattak, Mustafa Ikram, Awais Muddassir, Zayed Nasser, Murtaza R. Khan, Haleema Kamila, Saad Irfan, Ammar Ali Khan
Page 124 – 133

The Effect of Livelihood Assets on Food Security Achievements among the Coastal Fishermen in Northern Peninsular Malaysia
Ahmad Zubir Ibrahim, Kalthum Hassan, Roslina Kamaruddin, Abd Rahim Anuar
Page 134 – 144

Kualiti Perkahwinan, Keutuhan Keluarga dan Pencapaian Anak di Sarawak
Marital Quality, Family Strength and Child Achievement in Sarawak
Zarinah Arshat, Cecelia Anak Pana
Page 145 – 153

Evaluation of Quality Management Drivers by Key Construction Practitioners
Ezekiel Agah Rugu, Bruno Lot Tanko, Simon-Peter Gumgaro Buba, Bulus Markus, Edo Oga Ojoko
Page 154 – 165

Students Group Formation for an English Conversation Class Using 0-1 Integer Linear Programming
Engku Muhammad Nazri Engku Abu Bakar, Zakiah Hashim, Siti Jamilah Bidin
Page 166 – 173

Loss of Food Plants Knowledge and Identity among Indigenous Peoples in Malaysia
Alexander K Sayok, Ulrich Teucher
Page 174 – 188

Aplikasi daan Isu-Isu Shariah Tan?zul dalam Saham Keutamaan
The Application and Shariah Issues of Tan?zul in Preference Shares
Siti Mutiara Mohd Azman, Azlin Alisa Ahmad
Page 189 – 205

Volume 12, No. 1 (September, 2018)
Persepsi Pelajar Tentang Kesan Pendekatan Pengajaran Kemahiran Bertutur Bahasa Arab Berpusatkan Pelajar Berserta Elemen Coaching dan Mentoring
Students’ Perception about the Effects of Teaching Arabic Language Proficiency Using Student-Centered Teaching Approach Combined with Coaching and Mentoring Elements
Masyitoh Yaacob, Kaseh Abu Bakar
Page 1 – 16

The Role of Borstal Homes in Nigeria: Reformation or Remaking Criminality?
Zakariyya Muhammad Sarki, Aminu Abdullahi, Jamilu Ibrahim Mukhtar
Page 17 – 23

Tafsiran dan Status Asnaf Fisabilillah dalam Pengagihan Zakat
The Application and Shariah Issues of Tan?zul in Preference Shares
Rabi’atul Solehah, Nurul Ilyana Muhd Adnan
Page 24 – 34

Sprituality and Resilience Effects on Employee Awareness and Engagement in CSR: An Overview and Research Agenda
Suriati Mahmood, Roziana Shaari, Azlineer Sarip
Page 35 – 44

Meta-analysis on Instructional Methods Employed and Challenges at Technical Colleges in Nigeria
Gimba Dogara, Muhammad Sukri Saud, Yusri Kamin, Shirka Kassam Jwasshaka
Page 45 – 53

Faktor-Faktor Pelindung Yang Menyumbang Ke Arah Pengintegrasian Semula Banduan Yang Berjaya: Satu Kajian Ulasan Sistematik
Protective Factors that Contribute Towards a Successful Reinforcement of a Prisoner: A Systematic Review
Tharshini Sivabalan, Fauziah Ibrahim
Page 54 – 63

Malaysian Gen Y’s Work Behaviours and Attitudes towards Job Retention and Career Advancement
Lay-Hwa Yeap, Su-Hie Ting, Kien-Bee Ooi
Page 64 – 76

Keberkesanan Alat Bantu Mengajar bagi Tangan Kiri Fleming dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran TVET
The Effectiveness of Teaching Aids for Fleming Left Hand in TVET Teaching and Learning
Khairul Anuar Hasnan, Che Ghani Che Kob, Abu Bakar Mamat, Arman Shah Abdullah
Page 77 – 88

Keberkesanan Kit Simulasi Pautan ke atas Pencapaian Topik Pautan Reka Bentuk Mekanikal dalam Kalangan Murid Tingkatan Dua
Effectiveness of Simulation Kit Link to the Achievement of Mechanical Design Links Topic in Form Two Student Circle
Fatihah Anis Saifuddin, Tee Tze Kiong
Page 89 – 97

Penggunaan Bahasa Rungus dalam Kalangan Generasi Baru (Remaja) Masyarakat Rungus di Matunggong, Sabah
The use of Rungus Language among the New Genaration (Youth) of Rungus in Matunggong, Sabah
Romzi Ationg, Andreas Totu, Chelster S. Pudin, Raymond Majumah
Page 98 – 110

Trait Emotional Intelligence, Perceived Self-Efficacy and Contextual Performance of Teacher-Leaders: A Research Model
Bala Salisu, Siti Rahmah Awang
Page 111 – 121

Pengaruh Aspek Konteks Amali Sains terhadap Aspek Input Amali Sains dalam Kalangan Guru-Guru Sains di Sekolah Menengah Luar Bandar Sabah
The Influence of Context Aspects towards Input Aspects of Science Practical among Science Teachers in Rural Secondary Schools of Sabah
Crispina Gregory K Han, Lay Yoon Fah, Getrude C. Ah Gang@Grace, Lawrence Alan Bansa, Mohamad Nizam Nazarudin, Colonius Atang
Page 122 – 139

Volume 13, No. 1 (December, 2018)
Benefits and Barriers of Physical Activities among Technical University Students
Mohd Firdaus Abdullah, Mohamad Nizam Nazarudin, Rosli Saadan, Wan Ahmad Munsif Wan Pa, Mohd Radzani Abdul Razak
Page 1 – 8

Kaedah Pencegahan untuk Mengurangkan Kesan Banjir di Hospital Kerajaan
Prevention Methods to Reduce Flood Effects in Government Hospitals
Noor Ain Yusoff, Haryati Shafii, Roshartini Omar, Mohd Reduan Buyung
Page 9 – 18

Salah Laku Lgbt Dalam Perundangan Malaysia: Undang-Undang Sebagai Mekanisme Pembanterasan dan Kawalan
Misconduct of LGBT in the Malaysian Law: Law as the Mechanism of Obliteration and Control
Mohd Izzat Amsyar Mohd Arif, Muhammad Syahlan Shafie, Hisham Hanapi, Fareed Mohd Hassan
Page 19 – 34

Corporate Sustainability Initiatives on Employees and Financial Performance
Ozigi Obeitoh, Mohd said Ridzwana, Ekundayo Oyindamola Olusegun
Page 35 – 46

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programme in Nigeria: Overview and Emerging Issues
Abdul-Halim Abdul-Majid, Abdussalaam Iyanda Ismail, Abdullateef Ameen, Hammed Oluwaseyi Musibau
Page 47 – 53

A Study of Gender Differences on Stress and Emotional Intelligence
Shadiya Mohamed Saleh Baqutayan, Mah Gul, Siti Wahidah Abd Ghafar
Page 54 – 65

Exploring Factors That Affect English Proficiency Level among University Students: A Case Study in Universiti Utara Malaysia
Masnita Misiran, Zahayu Md. Yusof, Massudi Mahmuddin, Ibnu Affan Jaafar, Ahmad Firdhaus Joferi, Nor Suhada Manap
Page 66 – 72

The Relationship between the Risk Management Committee and the Chief Risk Officer with the Stability of Nigerian Banks
Olusola David Fajembola, Nora Azureen Abdul Rahman, Rohani Md Rus
Page 73 – 86

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