Design of Wind Catcher for Earth Air Heat Exchangers to Rationalize Energy Consumption


  • Jamal Abed al Wahid Jassim Department of Architectural Decorating. Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Susan Abed Hassan Department of Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering, Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Baydaa Hussain Maula Institute of Technology. Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq


wind catcher, CFD, WEAHE system


Traditional architecture was responsive to climate and environmental considerations. One of the traditional architectural elements in hot dry climate was the Wind catcher that largely contributes thermal comfort inside buildings. However, Modern architectural design has moved away from this vocabulary. This research explores the air heat exchanger (WEAHE) that benefits from the earth soil temperature, as passive cooling system that improves the internal environment thermal comfort and reduces energy consumption in Iraq as an example for hot dry climate. The proposed system is based on increasing Wind catcher area, part of the structure of the Wind catcher is under the ground. To take the advantage of the lower soil temperatures and groundwater in summertime, to moisten the air moving areas through walls and tubes inside the soil. After that, Wind catcher was studied in a house Construction of the proposed model through the horizontal and vertical paths of air transmission to Earth and simulate using a computer a digital "simulation program (CFD)". Results showed through there were increased in airflow and a low temperature around 14 °C. The external temperature was 45.4 °C, relative humidity improved to 24%. The performance coefficient (COP) the "WEAHE system" is 3.34-5.42 with an increase in air velocity 1.5-3.5 m/s. New WEAHE design can be used as a self-cooling device that regulates internal air movement and achieves thermal comfort and sustainable exporter of renewable energy while decrease the need for mechanical means in hot dry climate such as Iraq.


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