Numerical Study of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Performance Enhancement Using Nanofluids and Baffling Technique


  • Lahcene Bellahcene Laboratoire de Mécanique, Université Amar Telidji-Laghouat, Algeria
  • Djamel Sahel Laboratoire des Carburants Gazeux et Environnement (LCGE), UST-Oran-MB, Algeria
  • Aissa Yousfi Laboratoire d’études et Développement des Matériaux Semi-conducteurs et Diélectriques, Université Amar Telidji-Laghouat, Algeria



Nanofluid, heat transfer, baffles, shell, heat exchanger


The aim of this work is to investigate the forced convective heat transfer phenomena and fluid flows of water-based Al2O3 nanofluids in the baffled shell and tubes heat exchanger (STHE). Water as a hot fluid flows in the side of the tubes, and Al2O3 nanofluids as cooling fluid flow in the shell side. Numerical investigations have been carried out based on the continuity, momentum, and energy equations which are solved by using the finite element method with the help of the COMSOL 5.4 CFD software. The obtained results were presented by average Nusselt number, streamlines, isotherms, and various physical parameters which are a volumetric fraction of nanoparticles (1%? Cv ?3%). The results are found that the heat transfer increases with the rise of inlet velocity and volume fraction. In addition, the presence of baffles inside tubular heat exchangers can create a better mixture of fluids which is augmenting heat transfer execution. The choice of these parameters is important to get the maximum improvement of heat transfer with minimum entropy consumption.


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