Numerical Solutions of Hybrid Nanofluids Flow Via Free Convection Over a Solid Sphere


  • Mohammed Zaki Swalmeh Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Aqaba University of Technology, Aqaba, Jordan



Hybrid nanofluid, Boundary Layer Flow, Solid Sphere


The purpose of the existing study is to examine how heat transfer enables consolidated by variations in the basic advantages of fluids in the existence of free convection with the assistance of suspended hybrid nanofluids. Iron-graphene oxide suspended in water as a hybrid nanofluid flow on a solid sphere is also considered in this work. The partial differential equations are gotten, for this problem, by transforming the mathematical governing equations using similarity equations (stream function). These partial differential equations are solved numerically by Keller-Box method and programmed by MATLAB program. the acquired numerical results are in excellent agreement with the preceding literature results. Graphical results of the influence of the hybrid nanofluid parameters on some physical quantities regarded to examine the behavior of hybrid nanofluid flow were attained, and they proved that hybrid nanofluid flow represents a more essential role in the operation of heat transfer than a regular nanofluid flow.




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Swalmeh, M. Z. (2021). Numerical Solutions of Hybrid Nanofluids Flow Via Free Convection Over a Solid Sphere. Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, 83(1), 34–45.
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