A Short Review on Separation of H2/CO2 using Polymer Membrane


  • Norazlianie Sazali Faculty of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, 26600 Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia


membrane for gas separation, membrane technology, annealing condition, operating temperature


Polymer is the least expensive and effectively prepared material for membrane manufacture. They demonstrate extraordinary adaptability in their piece and change is a lot simpler that settle on them a superior decision. Membrane gas separation gives numerous advantages over regular procedure in separating H2/CO2 either as an independent procedure or incorporated procedure with water-gas shift reactors. Membrane technology involves low speculation cost, working at high pressures and temperatures, lower energy cost as well as high weight retentate CO2 is transported and put away without the pressure. Materials for gas separation membrane may be delegated metallic (metals or metal compounds), carbon, natural polymers and inorganics (for example zeolite and silicates). Individual class of membrane shows superior properties, however, there are inadequacies in either economy or manufacture techniques.




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