Simulation of Water Wave Interaction with Large Submerged Square Obstacles


  • Mona Gomaa Smart Engineering Systems Research Center (SESC), Nile University, Egypt
  • Tamer Kasem Cairo University, Egypt



Multiphase, breakwater, wave forces, PIV


Water waves propagation over submerged obstacles is considered. The problem serves as an efficient model for modeling breakwaters. A numerical wave tank is developed to simulate the induced flow field. The model is based on multiphase viscous flow assumptions. Computations are performed adopting clustered grids and suitable initial and boundary conditions. The results are verified using the flow field particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements. Spatial and temporal resolutions are validated. Complex flow phenomena occurring due to the presence of the relatively large sized obstacle are visualized. The effect of wave parameters on the flow structure is investigated. A brief parametric study is presented and the resultant wave forces and turning moments are provided.

Author Biographies

Mona Gomaa, Smart Engineering Systems Research Center (SESC), Nile University, Egypt

Tamer Kasem, Cairo University, Egypt


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