Energy and Exergy Analyses of Stirling Engine using CFD Approach


  • Sherihan El- Ghafour Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Port-Said University, Port-Said, Egypt
  • Nady Mikhael Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Port-Said University, Port-Said, Egypt
  • Mohamed El- Ghandour Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Port-Said University, Port-Said, Egypt



Stirling engine, Losses, Energy and exergy analyses, CFD simulation


A comprehensive characterization of the GPU-3 Stirling engine losses with the aid of the CFD approach is presented. Firstly, a detailed description of the losses-related phenomena along with the method of calculating each type of loss are addressed. Secondly, an energy analysis of the engine is carried out in order to specify the impact of each type of losses on the performance. Finally, the design effectivity of each component of the engine is investigated using an exergy analysis. The results reveal that the hysteresis loss occurs mainly within the working spaces due to the flow jetting during the first part of the expansion strokes. Additionally, the pressure difference between the working spaces is the main driver for the flow leakage through the appendix gap. The exposure of the displacer top wall to the jet of hot gas flowing into the expansion space during expansion stroke essentially increases the shuttle heat loss. A new definition for the regenerator effectiveness is presented to assess the quality of the heat storage and recovery processes. The energy analysis shows that regenerator thermal loss and pumping power represent the largest part of the engine losses by about 9.2% and 7.5% of the heat input, respectively. The exergy losses within regenerator and cold space are the highest values among the components, consequently, they need to be redesigned.


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