Special Issue: Sustainable Water Management

Edited by: Vasanthi Sethu | Peck Loo Kiew | Swee Pin Yeap | Lian See Tan

Submission open: 21st September 2020 | Submission deadline: 31st March 2021 | Extended Submission deadline: 30th June 2021

Description: Although water is a renewable natural resource, the availability of clean water for the needs of present and future generations is uncertain, with the growing problems of water supply. On a global scale, it is becoming increasingly evident that severe global water stress and water scarcity is inevitable. On a local scale as well, the water crisis is becoming a great concern, with water shortages, cuts, rationing and frequent incidences of water pollution affecting the life quality of citizens. Thus, it is timely to get serious on sustainable water management, to ensure its availability for present and future times, hence the aims of the current special issue. This special issue welcomes high-quality original contributions that focus on the sustainable management of water resources, both on a local and global scale. Read more at here.


Editorial Notes: Time to Get Serious about Sustainable Water Management
Vasanthi Sethu | Peck Loo Kiew | Swee Pin Yeap | Lian See Tan | 20 September 2020
Original Article: Enhanced removal efficiency of Methylene blue and water hardness using NaOH-modified Durian and Passion fruit peel adsorbents
Jia Ler Gan | Choon Yoong Cheok | 25 January 2021
Original Article: The effects of magnetization process on methylene blue removal using magnetically modified orange peel
Mohamad Huzair Munawer | Peck Loo Kiew | Wei Ming Yeoh | 3 January 2022