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Effect of PVC-MA Coupling Agent on Tensile, Water Absorption and Morphological Properties of Recycled High Density Polyethylene/Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/Eggshell Powder Composites
Nur Farahana Ramli,Supri Abdul Ghani and Teh Pei Leng
Matrix Cracking in Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites: A Review
K. Muhammad Ilham, H. Anuar, MS. Norhashimah, Iskandar Idris Yaacob and SM. Sapuan
Polyvinyl-alcohol-modified Coal-ash Mixtures for Productive Geotechnical Application
Crystal Gyales’ Robert, Afizah Ayob, Mohd. Faiz Mohammad Zaki, Mohd Zulham Affandi Mohd Zahid and Lew Ee Von
Effects of Cutting Speeds, Moisture Contents and Sweet Potato Varieties on Percentage of Vine Pulverization
Amer N. N. Kakahy, D. Ahmad, MD. Akhir, S. Sulaiman and Ishak A.
Optimal Pin Fin Heat sink Arrangement for Solving Thermal Distribution Problem
R. Rosli, K. A. Mohd Annuar and F. S. Ismail
A Survey of Filter Design for Audio Noise Reduction
R. R. Porle, N. S. Ruslan, N. Mohd Ghani, N. A. Arif, and S. R. Ismail
Developing an Integrated Electronic Waste Management Approach in Malaysia
O. Norazli, M. Roslina, A. B. Noor Ezlin and M. Y. Muhd Noor
The Effect of Polyethylene-grafted-Maleic Anhydride as Compatibilizer on Properties of Recycled High Density Polyethylene/Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/Taro Powder (Colocasia esculenta) Composites
R. H. Fatimah, A. G. Supri and Z. Firuz
Design and Construction of Liquid Level Measurement System
K. A. Mohd Annuar, N. A. Ab Hadi, I. M. Saadon and M. H. Harun
Tribological Behaviour of Zinc Dialkyl-Dithiophosphate (ZDDP) as a Lubricant Additive in RBD Palm Stearin
A. N. Farhanah, and S. Syahrullail
Natural convection of alumina-distilled water nanofluid in cylindrical enclosure: An experimental study
A . N. Afifah, S. Syahrullail and C. S. Nor Azwadi
Enhancing Interfacial Adhesion of Potash Feldspar with Silane (Si-69) Coupling Agent on Properties of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)/ Natural Rubber (NR)/ Potash Feldspar Composites
S. H. Ho, A. G. Supri and H. Ismail
Combustion Performance and Exhaust Emission Analysis of Diesel Engine using Waste Cooking Oil
N. A. Ramlan, A. A. Abdullah and W. J. Yahya
Hypervisor Security Issues in Cloud Computing: The Need to Mitigate the Risks
A. S. Thiab and A. S. Shibghatullah
Synthetic Lightweight Coarse Aggregate Using Offshore Sand
M. A. Zubir, M. N. A. Ahmad Zawawi and M. F. Azmi