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Effects of Formulation Parameters on Particle Size and Polydispersity Index of Orthosiphon Stamineus Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier
S. H. Suhaimi , R. Hasham@Hisam and N. A. Rosli
Mobile application on ABACUS
W. F. Wan Ahmad, L. J. Shyan and H. Idrus
Investigating Sensory modalities Used in Fatigue Driver Warning Systems and Drivers’ Preferred Sensory modalities for Warning System
F. S. Mohd Zuki, and S. Sulaiman
Effect of Annealing Temperature on CuGaO2 Thin Films Deposited by RF Sputtering Technique
M. H. Abu Bakar, L. M. Li, K. A. Mohamad, S. Sulaiman, S. Salleh and A. Alias
Flow Analysis of Cooling Water in the Gas Turbine Fin Fan Cooler at Utilities Plant
A. M. S. Zuan, S. S Hidayah, S. Syahrullail, M. N. Musad and E. A. Rahim
A Study of Float Wave Energy Converter (FWEC) Model
A. M. S. Zuan, M. K. Z. Anuar, S. Syahrullail, M. N. Musa and E. A. Rahim
The Computational Modeling Of Falling Film Thickness Flowing Over Evaporator Tubes
I. A. Hassan, A. Sadikin and N. Mat Isa
The Effect of Adding Diffuser by Experimental
A. M. S. Zuan, A. Ruwaida, S. Syahrullail and M. N. Musa
Studies on thermal and conductivity of modified natural rubber
S. N. H. Mohd Yusoff, S. L. Har, C. C. Han, S. S. Sheikh Abdul Aziz, Z. S. Mahmud, and H. Mohd Hairi
Physical Characteristics of Briquettes Contain Mixture of Pulverized Empty Fruit Bunch and Polyethylene Plastics
H. Mohd Faizal, Z. A. Latiff, M. A. Mohd Iskandar and M. S. Mohamad Nazri
Performance Evaluation of VANET QoS in Presence of Timing attack and Sinkhole attack Using OMNeT++
F. N. Bhatti, R. Badlishah Ahmad, M. Shahbani A Bakar, S. Daud, S. Jamel Elias, M. Nazri M. Warip
Exploration to Find Green Building Materials from Recycled Solid Wastes
A. T. Din, N. Mohd Hafiz, A. Z. Mohd Rus
Design of PID Control System Assisted using LabVIEW in Biomedical Application
N. H. Ariffin and N. Arsad
Six Sigma Approach in Safety Performance at Transport Logistics Industry
Z. A. Kadir, M. Roslina, and O. Norazli
Fire Resistance of Glass Wool and Rockwool Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Intumescent Coating
N. Amir, M. H. Roslan and F. Ahmad
3D(Three Dimensional) Reconstruction of High-Speed Premixed Flames with 3D-CT (Computer Tomography) 20-directional Quantitative Schlieren Camera by Instantaneous Density Distribution
I. F. Abd Razak, Y. Ishino, N. Hayashi, Y. Saiki, W. J. Yahya