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Service Discovery Mechanism for Service Continuity in Heterogeneous Network
S. Mansor, N. S. Kamal Basha, S. R. Muhamat Dawam, N. R. Ali, S. J. Elias
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Controlled Mobile Robot
M. H. Zulkefli, K. A. Mohd Annuar, S. H. Johari, M. R. Mohamad Sapiee and S. Ahmad
Dynamics of High-modulus Belts with Distributed Mass and Friction
A. Harrison
Real Time Handwriting Recognition Techniques for Mathematical Notation in Interactive Teaching & Learning Applications
A. Chiou
Physico-Chemical and Antioxidant Analysis of Virgin Coconut Oil Using West African Tall Variety
Z. Ahmad R. Hasham, N.F. Aman Nor, and M.R. Sarmidi
Synthesis of tricalcium phosphate at different pH condition
M. F. Md Noor, M. R. Abdul Hanan, Z. N. Zamal, N. M. Daud, Z. Tapsir and S. Saidin
Motorcycle Security System using GSM and RFID
W. W. I. Wan Jusoh, K. A. Mohd Annuar , S. H. Johari, I. M. Saadon and M. H. Harun
Effect of High Pressure Homogenizer on the Formation of Zingiber Officinale- Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier
R. Sabtu, R. Hasham, N. A. Rosli, A. Abdul Aziz and R. Aziz
Data Visualisation Self-Explanatory Systems in Intelligent Game Inference Engines
A. Chiou
Stabilization of Batu Pahat Soft Clay by Combination between TX-85 and SH-85 Stabilizers
A. H. Mat Nor, F. Pakir, A. Arifin and M. E. Sanik
Flexible Spray Coated TIPS-Pentacene Organic P-N Junction Diode
D. F. Mohd Husin Seria, K. A. Mohamad, F. N. Rusnan, B. K. Ghosh, A. Alias and I. Saad
Efficient Water Recycling through Solar Distillation
K. Shehabuddeen, H. H. Al Katyiem and H. Mazhanash
Modeling the Kinetics of Transesterification of Jatropha-based Methyl Esters with Trimethylolpropane
R. N. Mohamad Kamil and S. Yusup
The Barriers to Adoption of Mobile Learning by HEIs in Malaysia: An Exploratory Study
D. Al-Arabiat, W. F. Wan Ahmad and A. Sarlan
Study of IMC vs Drop Test effect on Leadfree SAC and Polymer Solder Ball
B. K. Yap, C. H. Tan and C. Y. Tan