CFD Modelling of Natural Convection in Air Cavities


  • Yingchun Ji School of the Built Environment, University of Salford, U.K


cavity, natural convection, radiation, turbulence model, CFD


This paper discusses the modelling of natural convection in air cavities using four eddy viscosity turbulence models. Two 2D closed cavities with deferentially heated walls opposite each other and one 3D open ended tall cavity with one side is heated and adiabatic for all the others were investigated. The CFD simulation results for the two 2D cases were compared with their corresponding experimental measurements and it was found that the k- omega turbulence model offered the best solution among the turbulence models tested. Close agreement was also achieved between the k-omega model and the experiments in the prediction of temperature and velocity fields for the 3D case with Monte Carlo radiation model. The work has demonstrated the ability of the eddy viscosity turbulence models for modelling natural convection and radiation in different types of cavities.




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Ji, Y. (2021). CFD Modelling of Natural Convection in Air Cavities. CFD Letters, 6(1), 15–31. Retrieved from
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