About the Journal

Journal of Advanced Research in Technology and Innovation Management (JARTIM)

Aims & Scope

JARTIM is a multidisciplinary quarterly indexed electronic journal that strives to provide a refereed and authoritative source of knowledge in the field of technology management, as well as engineering, science, and technology management. Its mission is to publish original and novel literature in the fields of technology management and innovation with a focus on intellectual property, business analytics and the management of engineering, science and technology. JARTIM aspires to investigate the impact of global technological development on society and to promote the best business and organisational management practises. It also seeks to establish channels of communication between government departments, technology executives in industry, commerce and related business, and academic experts in the field.



The readers for whom JARTIM is intended are mainly academic and governmental agents, public policy managers, business managers and/or professionals.


Subject Coverage:

The Journal of Advanced Research in Technology and Innovation Management (JARTIM)

accepts the following categories of articles:


  • Management of Technology and Innovation.
  • Business and International Management.
  • Strategy and Management.


The coverage includes the following specific areas:

Science, technology, and innovation policies

Strategic planning, technology management/policies

Sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation

International technology management policy and strategy

Intellectual property, Sourcing, technology transfer/licensing

Management of technological change and emerging technologies

Innovation economy

Technological strategy

Management of creativity

Technology relations/trend

Competitiveness and cooperation

Investment patterns and opportunities

Legal aspects and financial considerations

Technology monitoring, audit, evaluation


Selection criteria:

Criteria for the article selection includes: that the article need to be novel, relevant, concise, practical, informative and useful to readers of the respective sections of the Journal: Articles, Review, cases studies.


Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to Journal of Advanced Research in Technology and Innovation Management (JARTIM) are subjected to peer-review. The editors also can participate as qualified editors. Upon submission, the manuscript to be reviewed is distributed to 2 qualified reviewers. Reviewers have 2 weeks to review the submission and to recommend to the Editor the acceptance, acceptance with modification, or rejection of the article. If the manuscript is accepted with revision, the Editor returns the manuscript to the corresponding author. Authors should then make any suggested changes in the article and return it to the Editor by email. Finally the editors send back the article reviewed and corrected to the Editor-in-Chief, and also delivers the articles to the different editors. The editor-in-Chief coordinates the editorial procedure and distributes the articles submitted to the journal.