About the Journal

The notion at which, nowadays, zero energy buildings and solar cities cannot be imagined without advancement in solar thermal engineering, renewable energy engineering, smart grid, electric vehicles, building construction materials and vacuum insulation technologies because it plays an imperious role of allowing consumers in minimizing energy consumption and build a modern era of generating energy buildings and solar (renewable energy) cities contributing to climate change. It can be achieved with the integration of progressive energy and materials technologies with a thoughtful desire of reducing our carbon footprints and make our infrastructure smart and energy-efficient. Also, an aspiration to mitigate the global energy supply-demand gap and for this, International Journal of Solar Thermal Vacuum Engineering, is dedicated that comprehensively allow eminent researchers to contribute to this journal. The aim of International Journal of Solar Thermal Vacuum Engineering stipulates a multidisciplinary convention for disseminating and stimulating knowledge on research and development in the areas, conceived to be comprehensive and critically analytical, of vacuum glazing, vacuum insulation panel, photovoltaic films, thermochromic films, photochromic films, electrochromic films, wind and photovoltaic systems, smart grid integration of renewable energy technologies, electric vehicles, thermal energy management of batteries,  evacuated tube solar collector, flat plate solar collectors, waste heat/electrical energy harvesting technologies, vacuum thermionics, smart windows, solar heating technologies, building integrated photovoltaics, applied vacuum science to energy technologies, applied vacuum systems, phase change materials, solar thermal energy storage technologies, hermetic glass sealing materials, solar absorbers, concentrated solar power, applied heat transfer analysis to solar thermal technologies, advanced heating systems, vacuum insulated solar thermoelectric generator, thermoelectrics for power generation, concentrating optics, building insulation and construction materials, zero-energy buildings, solar architecture, applied renewable energy technologies, solar architecture and applied Internet of Things (IoT) to intelligent smart energy buildings. This international journal publishes original research and review articles. Authors are enthused to submit manuscripts which bridge the space between design, development, performance, implementation and implication.