Renewable Energy of Rice Husk for Reducing Fossil Energy in Indonesia


  • Hamzah Lubis Regional Council for Climate Change, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia


rice husk, renewable energy, heating value, economic value


Indonesia as an agricultural country with staple food of rice, has huge rice husks resources. Rice husk production in 2006 was 10,891,980 tons and in 2015 was 15,079,560 tons with growth rate of 3.85% per year. The purpose of this study is to examine rice husks as an alternative to renewable energy fuels. According to Indonesia’s renewable energy policy, the target of renewable energy application is 23% out of total energy by 2025. Nevertheless, the average percentage of renewable energy using is just 0.19% per year in the last ten years. Rice husks need to be dried before burning it to obtain heat value. In this study, the rice husks were dried by solar heat. Measurement of water content of rice husks were performed by gravimetric method at Research and Standardization Laboratory, Medan, Indonesia. Dried rice husk samples were burned in calorimeter bomb to acquire the burning temperature and heat value and the tests were performed at Basic Phenomenon of Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Institute Technology of Medan.The results showed that High Heating Value (HHV) was 11.03 MJ / kg. Rice husks energy generated according to production in 2015 equivalent to 5,075,588,554 liters of Pertamax gasoline which worth US $ 3,182.003,594. Furthermore, if rice husks were utilized for electricity power generation, 25,635,252,000 kWh of electricity will be achieved and it is worth US $ 2,665,912,362.It is concluded that the rice husks can be developed as one of potential renewable energy fuel to accomplish 23% target of renewable energy application by 2025.




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