Altitude Performance and Fuel Consumption Modelling of Aircraft Piston Engine Rotax 912 S/ULS


  • Murat Otkur Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Engineering and Technology, American University of the Middle East, Kuwait



Fuel Consumption, Rotax 912 spark-ignition, aircraft piston engine


Rotax 912 spark-ignition (SI) naturally aspirated aircraft piston engine is one of the most popular prime movers for the ultra-light weight aircrafts used for short and moderate range flights. SI engines operate at stoichiometric combustion and at high altitude conditions atmospheric pressure is lower than sea level reducing mass of air intake to the engine. At these conditions engine power degrades significantly from sea level, affecting flight parameters such as range and endurance. In order to optimize these parameters, engine power modelling is of vital importance. Within the scope of this study, a thermodynamic SI engine model with performance parameters (break torque and power) and fuel consumption estimation developed in MATLAB/Simulink software. Model tuning is realised using data extracted from Rotax engine operating manual at sea level and high altitude conditions. Model inputs are set as altitude, throttle lever and engine speed. Pressure drop at the intake port is modelled as a function of mass air flow using engine operating manual pressure data at various engine speed points. Mass air flow is determined via employing a volumetric efficiency map based on intake port pressure and engine speed inputs, calibrated using engine operating manual fuel data considering stoichiometric combustion. Compression and expansion strokes area modelled as isentropic events and combustion is modelled as constant volume heat input at top dead centre (TDC). However a combustion efficiency map based on engine speed and fuel flow is employed for the heat input in order to tune the work output of the engine and heat loss to the coolant and exhaust. Pumping loss is calculated based on friction mean effective pressure data. Introduced approach provides high accuracy performance and fuel consumption modelling based on engine operating manual data and can be used for flight parameters optimization studies.




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Murat Otkur. (2021). Altitude Performance and Fuel Consumption Modelling of Aircraft Piston Engine Rotax 912 S/ULS. Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology, 23(1), 18–25.
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