Information For Authors

Information for Authors


Progress in Energy and Environment aims for high-quality papers which address the contemporary issues related to energy and environmental problems. The journal practises double-blinded review policy. The authors must fulfill the following points before the submission.
  • Submitted manuscripts must be original work which do not commit any plagiarism. Articles from abstract-only proceeding can be considered, provided that the content is extended to appropriately.
  • Submitted manuscripts must not be under consideration for possible publication elsewhere.
  • Submitted manuscripts should not have any content which is illegal, defamatory and discriminating.

Article Types

The journal accepts research articles, review articles, case study, and short communications.

Research articles present the original experimental or computational research work, in which the results contribute to the body of knowledge in specific field.

Review article shall at least render a comprehensive overview in a specific research field, within the scope of the journal. Critical review which reveals the core issues and puts forward constructive recommendation is almost welcome. The journal will consider mini-review too.

Case study presents a systematic investigation into the scientific problems or development of a particular person, institution, or small region, within a fixed time frame.

Short communication is short paper which propose or demonstrate original yet significant research idea, prior to a deeper and more thorough investigations.

Manuscript Preparation

Your manuscript should contain title, abstract, graphical abstract (recommended), keywords, introduction, methodology, results and discussion, acknowledgment, and references. Make sure that you have included the names, emails, and affiliations of all authors, and possibly the ORCID ID of all authors (strongly encouraged). During the submission stage, there is no specific format that you must follow. However, we would like to suggest authors to prepare the manuscript in single-spaced with 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing. Only word file is accepted for submission.

Language. You can use both American or British English, but please make sure it is consistent.

Referencing Style. Authors are free to use any referencing style during submission. However, authors are advised to apply Elsevier (numerics with titles) as referencing style. If you do not apply the referencing style during submission, you will be requested to reformat it when your manuscript is accepted for publication. Authors must disclose all the necessary references' info, including the doi whenever available.

Figures and Tables. Authors may include all figures and tables in the main manuscript. However, we encourage the submission of figures and tables as separate file(s). Make sure the figures have sufficient resolution, while the tables must be editable.

Mathematics and Equations. Please use SI units in presenting your data. If your manuscript contains equations, the equations must be editable. All the symbols in equation must be explained.

Additional Information. You have to prepare a cover letter, which shall include declaration of interest and two suggested reviewers of your manuscript. Alternatively, you may do so when you filling in "Comments to Editors". Authors can suggest your handling editor of your manuscript, who know your research field better.
Graphical Abstract. You have to prepare a graphical abstract during submission. The graphical abstract shall interestingly and concisely deliver the highlights of your manuscript.
Upon Acceptance. We will practise double-blinded peer-review process. If your article is accepted with revision, you have to revise and resubmit your article with a response list within the time frame given by handling editor. You have to make sure you are using Elsevier (numerics with titles) during the submission of the revised article. It is the responsibility of authors to have a final proofread prior to publication. 

Publication Charge. Authors do not need to pay any APC throughout the submission and publication process. Articles will be freely available to be downloaded upon acceptance and publication.